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“Base Set 2” is too large for Newbies to finish. Break it down into 7 sets and start a registry where collectors compete with other collectors for the highest rated set. Start a 12K, 15K, 4K rookie, 35K, 40K, 5K-7.5K & “complete base set”. Rank sets based on lowest serial #’s, highest serial #’s, and popular serial #’s. Example: 4K - 4 badge rookies. Make a “lowball set” #1-100, a “high ball” set 3900-4000 and “Everyman set” using any serial #. Collectors choose the more costly special #’s or collect any #. Assign a value to each with lowest serial # being the most valuable, opposite for the “High Ball” set. Add extra value for Jersey #’s, popular #’s (23, 69, 420, 911). You can design team sets in same fashion. Finish set and get it ranked on a leader board. Give “End of year” prizes for top rated sets. Promotes set building and less dumping. Gives collectors a reason to upgrade their set. Check out PSA card values since implementing “Set Registry”! Allow sets to be sold as 1 unit.

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Comments: 2

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