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How cool would it be if you guys continued taking a page from the pokemon book and did "Starter packs"? you already have the equivalent of booster packs right? aka small dollar amount, small moment payoff. with the possibility, but lets be real, you wont get a high profile card, most cards are worthless, and hey, in pokemon language, thats totally ok. but in the same universe, with those thick "starter packs" or however you want to call them, you pay much more for many more worhtless cards, but with the GUARANTEE of a rare card, like the equivalent of a holographic venasaur. I assume that would amount to a rare card. but in that sense, it would allow people who jussst joined to very quickly climb the 'score card' ladder by purchasing many moments at once, while at the same time offering everyone on here the guarantee of a rare card. Ever starter pack in generation 1 Pokemon red charier today: $1,000,000. I have more ideas if you find me worthy of your time.

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