NBA Topshot Season Pass

I just want to pitch the idea of having a Season Pass timeline that hopefully engages and encourages participation from users throughout the season. This mimics other games' passes like Call of Duty's Battle Pass. A user can purchase a season pass to have freebies throughout the season by completing mini or major challenges.

For ex, upon purchasing the season pass for X $, you get a free base pack from the get-go. Then you can move up the timeline by completing challenges/quests or certain market spend or moment purchases like those in the baller score

1. Purchase a rookie moment from a certain year
2. Purchase 3 moments from your favorite team
3. Gift a moment
4. Complete Showcase Quest
5. Have X TSD moments
Reward: Free S1 base pack or collector score boost or Instant eligibility in next premium drop
And the challenges go on with corresponding achievement rewards. You will also be required to hold on to these purchases or your season pass score will decrease. Hope you consider.

Under consideration Community Suggested by: Billy Villareal Upvoted: 28 Sep, '21 Comments: 0

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