Marketplace lottery for 1st minute (Let's even the playing field)

A marketplace lottery for the first minute of availability would massively help OUR community.

Once a moment is placed on the market everyone, is given the opportunity to place their name in the hat for the first minute listed. Then the winner drawn has 1 minute to checkout before the opportunity is randomly drawn again for a different user. This in turn would help the community have a chance at deals without bots snapping everyone up.

Also each user would only have the ability to put their name in the hat up to 30 times during the first minute for various moments over the period of each hour, thus limiting bots also. Essentially making it an even playing field for all users and not just those who circumvent the system.

Thank you.🙏

Under consideration Community Suggested by: druha29 Upvoted: 30 Jun Comments: 4

Comments: 4

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