Add Value to holding: here’s how

With the growing uses of Collector Score it’s time to start rewarding some of those bag holders out there, errr, I mean, true collectors! But seriously. I’m sure the team is pouring over how to do it and I have a solution. For moments that you hold for a long time simply make them worth more after hitting a certain time limit. For ccs or newly LE moments start improving their value for time spent in the collectors collection.

Ie. If you hold a moment for 3 months it is counted as a rare. If you hold a moment for a year it’s then counted as a Legendary. This can be tweaked but I think this is a good starting point.

You can even change it over time as the product is a “generational product” simply move the goal posts after the first year and a half. But grand father in the moments that have already been moved up in value. If it’s sold it loses the designation and goes back to being a common. That way it’s only the holder that’s rewarded for being a, wait for it... TRUE COLLECTOR😉

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Comments: 2

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