In-arena utility: opening up the doors to "access"

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Here's a utility concept that Top Shot could introduce to the NBA and NBAPA:

Owning specific Legendary / Rare moments can show and prove team-specific fandom. → Offer these moment owners some form of "access", in-arena. Perhaps it's a 2 minute meet & greet or photo opp with that specific player after the game. Perhaps it's a free drink or food voucher upon entry to the arena. Perhaps there's a Top Shot box in their arena that brings Top Shot users together for the game but that is accessible to all users (whether for free / for a charge depending on collector score). Perhaps it's a "insert idea here". (Hint hint: each team could come up with their own novel ideas to test the waters but it's simply about finding what their fans appreciate and would keep them coming back for more / spending more on their favourite team.)

Collector Score and / or Baller Status might also be used in a similar vein.

Bringing added utility like this would give TS, and thus the NBA, a major boost.

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