Special perks while attending your favorite teams games. TopShot Zone/Merchandise/food at arena.

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When attending live games collectors should receive special perks based on their collector score, account percentile, or certain moments owned by the team you’re attending. TopShot zone(special area/lounge for collectors at arena) or VIP pass with exclusive perks such as merchandise, free food, alcoholic beverage discount, fast pass to enter building or private entrance, discount or free parking, early access on game nights, ability to participate in giveaways or events at halftime to peak interest in NBA Top Shot, Special NBA Top Shot seats in each seating section/level, post-game events, ability to meet/interact with players, playoff tickets access and special pricing, shout-outs during game on Jumbotron(big screen) with chance to have your submitted NBA Top Shot showcase broadcast for all attending to see, teams should give fans the chance to win moments or packs at games.

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