Multi-level Challenge Reward (Collaborative suggestions by Juno, Zinedrei and CaptainRevil)

To cater every level of collectors according to its resources.
To entice users to join the challenges.
Collector can grow their collection thru rewards.
Multi-Level Challenge with 30 Moments requirements.
10/30 Low Tier Reward - Tyrese Haliburton
20/30 Mid Tier Reward - Anthony Edwards
30/30 High Tier Reward - LaMelo Ball
- Users has the option to choose whatever required moment on level of completion he is aiming as long he/she completes the challenge level requirements. (i.e choosing his fav player on the required moments for low and mid).
- Users with minimal resources can complete the lower level tier.
- Users with more resources can complete all the level and earn its respective reward.
- Mint the tier reward according to completion number similar to existing challenges.
The more you spent on the challenge, the more number of reward you can collect. But if your budget is minimal, you may just spent it on the low tier completion.

Under consideration Community Suggested by: CaptainRevil Upvoted: 28 Sep, '21 Comments: 0

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