Challenge Reward Pack with "Slowroll" Function

It has been suggested before that challenge rewards come in a pack, but I think there are a large number of reasons why this should be implemented ASAP. Most importantly, not everyone wants their serial known by others before they know themselves. Keeping it hidden in the pack lets you know first, and this is especially important for potential content creation. It being more fun and allowing the future ability to trade unopened mystery serial rewards is pretty spectacular, as well.

I also want a slowroll feature on these Reward Packs. There will only be a single moment, but I want the option to have the serial not revealed right away. The ability to "squeeze" cards is something many gamblers love, and myself and many I know do this with TS serials already. What this means is for a 4 digit mint, the screen would display #_ _ _ _ with 4 boxes. You can go either direction, but if you open #1 and click the left box, it would just be blank (you can also reveal all, like any pack opening).

Under consideration Community Suggested by: Eric Froehlich Upvoted: 02 Sep, '21 Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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