Fight the bots with a queue

A lot of attention to the bots buying faster than humans do here in Top Shot community. One way to fight the bots is to provide the queue system for e.g. 3 minutes right after the moment is put on sale.

I.e. the user puts a moment on sale, then 3 minutes timer starts to allow all interested in buying the moment to join the queue, then after the timer expires the random places in the queue are assigned, then if the first one in the queue pays he gets the moment (if doesn’t pay than the turn goes to the second one in the queue and so on).

Same as with packs.

Those queues will not be needed in 99.99% of cases. But with the “livetoken deals” such queue system will equal the chances of bots and humans so bots will no longer be a serious advantage and the human kind will be happier.

Under consideration Feature Request Suggested by: justin_brown Upvoted: 23 Mar Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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