“Burn Baby Burn” – by SCARCITY 🔥

Collectors, investors and flippers value scarcity. Scarcity drives demand and innovation. NFT’s changed the digital landscape of collectibles. A stockpile of commons is great, but they’ll never get lost or damaged. Superstar mints or rookie cards are more desirable, but there will be more too. What if we can decrease the supply by burning, fusing or utilizing moments.

- A system where we can turn an X amount of commons (or even rares) into something more of value by burning/trading. The reward could be random: requirement for rare purchases, chance cards, rare moments, baller status upgrades, guaranteed queue spots, vip packages, added players’ signatures, 2 for one or % discount deals etc.
- The results on hardcourt can affect the used moments (gamify the use of moments to the point that they’ll get burned)
- 3rd party trading platforms will enhance liquidity for TS. But what if that’ll degrade moments. There should be an incentive to trade on TS marketplace.

Under consideration Feature Request Suggested by: Hisoka Upvoted: 09 Mar Comments: 12

Comments: 12

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