Permanent Challenges for all Series Base Sets

We need to see Permanent Challenges to keep older series relevant and collectible.

At the moment there is no reason to hold s1 other than nostalgia. You need to create a challenge(s) that are released at the end of a series for people to hold and collect these moments long term, which will also help to keep the market trade active in the older series as they move on as currently it's slowing fast. I actually suggest three challenges as I think you could do; 1 for collecting all the 4K LE rookies, a suitable reward would seem to be the ROY. 2 for collecting all the 12K LE first moments, a suitable reward would be the 6th man. 3 for collecting the entire base set (OPOY & DPOY as the reward). By keeping the challenge permanent, I actually think it would be great for you to do a final drop to end the series and release the challenges on the basis that it's a race and first to complete gets #1, 2nd #2.....

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